Education, Inspiration, Encouragement, Collaboration, and Charity

MAY 31ST – JUNE 2ND, 2024

2546 N Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65803

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Our focus is on Education, Inspiration, Encouragement, Collaboration, and Charity. These values will be incorporated by creating a convention experience where real educational experiences are available to attendees from professionals in creative roles.  Attendees will see and hear what others are doing in their creative lives that can provide inspiration and let them dream big.  

​Having interactive and face-to-face opportunities will let creatives gain encouragement where they need it to grow into the creative roles they want.  Collaboration happens when two or more individuals begin a dialogue leading to a mutual respect and desire to put creative energies together to make something greater.

 We have a heart for charity. Tremendicon will use the financial and creative abilities to help the community and put positivity into the world by donating our time and money to charities that support children and those in need of help. 

Creative Tracks being explored this year include:

Artists The Artists’ Track will paint a canvas of education and discussion. A deep-dive into this creative world guided by professionals and those who know the “art” of finding success.

Writers The Writers’ Track will delve into the craft of weaving tales. It will include education and discussion by professionals and those that have stories to tell.

Game Design The Game Design Track goes into the details of developing a game. This will include tabletop, RPG, and video game creation. Learn from and play with a creative community of like-minded people.

Cosplay Cosplay is a huge part of the convention scene. It has gone beyond just a hobby and into a way of life that incorporates love of the genre and hands-on creativity.  This track will explore, communicate, and teach these concepts.

Comic Books The history of the comic book is diverse and has matured into our modern-day mythology.  In this track we will explore the comic book industry and the stories, art, and characters we have all come to love.

Multimedia Whether it be stage, screen, or music, the focus of this track is to share the love of creating the compelling pieces that entertain us. The multimedia track will share what creative people are doing and show how they are doing it. If you ever wanted to learn more about music, film, or the stage this is your chance.

Makers Hands-on creatives combining the forces of engineering and technology to artistry and crafting to bring to life inventions and hobbies of all kinds. Makers have been around for a long time and recently have gained a spotlight in conventions, giving many a new outlet for their creativity. From robotics to 3D printing, the Makers Track is a door to curious wonders.

Kid’s Programming Our children are important and encouraging their growth and education in the creative tracks is a goal of Tremendicon. The kids’ programming will include a variety of topics that cover all of the Tremendicon tracks in a fun way so they can be inspired by the best of all creative worlds!


Tremendicon is a three-day Multi-Media Creators Convention in Springfield, MO, at the Oasis Hotel & Convention Center. The entire weekend will be a PLAYGROUND TO CREATE AND COLLABORATE, put on by creators for creators and the people that love enjoying those tremendous creations!

We will be highlighting a variety of creative communities with a track-based convention setup. This will allow attendees to focus on their specific areas of interest with the ability to branch out and discover new ones.


Participants leave the convention with newfound knowledge, inspiration and relationships that will guide them into a future with the creative arts while giving back to the community through our selected charities.

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